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Innovations Enabling One Film Solution Touch Sensors


VANCOUVER, Wash. USA June 2, 2014 –nLIGHT's Chief Technology Officer, Rob Martinsen, will be giving a talk on recent innovations in touch-enabled displays at SID Display Week in San Diego on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. In a joint collaboration with Dr. Hiroshi Yamazaki of Hitachi Chemical, Martinsen will discuss touch modules based on One Film Solution (OFS) and the importance of OFS for reducing costs. The authors will highlight the latest advances in transparent conductor materials including films and patterning technologies to produce the lowest cost touch sensors without compromising performance.  

OFS is based on a revolutionary Transparent-Conductor-Transfer-Film (TCTF) where the substrate is eliminated, which substantially reduces the sensor module thickness and cost. Utilizing silver nanowire (AgNW) as the transparent conductor material, high transparency with low sheet resistance is now possible. Laser patterning applied to the TCTF is producing the most invisible patterned transparent conductor films, with very fine pitch metal traces below 20  micron line / 20 micron space, and lower cost patterning than photolithography or screen printing. 

Learn more about these compelling attributes and the potential to drive broad adoption of OFS sensors in the most performance-demanding, cost-sensitive touch screen products at the Touch, Gesture, Motion Market Focus Conference during SID Display Week Conference in San Diego, CA. 

Visit nLIGHT at SID Display Week 2014, June 3 – 5, 2014, at booth #1810. 

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