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NLIGHT Announces Release of LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0


Vancouver, WA USA  August 29, 2008 — nLIGHT today announced the release of version 4.0 of the LIEKKI™ Application Designer (LAD). LAD is a versatile and powerful design tool for high-power applications providing a strong platform for simulating and optimizing fiber amplifiers and fiber laser systems.

The design software is based on precise algorithms that account for all the reflections in the system – especially crucial for accurate laser and amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) light source simulations. The software also accurately simulates large mode area and highly doped fibers.

New LAD v4.0 features

  • Multimode analysis of bent fibers
    LAD v4.0 includes a multimode analysis that allows calculating propagation effects of higher order modes in bent fibers. This enables the evaluation of optimum bending radius for certain higher order mode discrimination and beam quality.
  • Variable step size in transient analysis
    LAD v4.0 allows efficient simulation of low repetition rate pulsed lasers and amplifiers by controlling the size of time steps during simulation.
  • Optimization tool
    LAD v4.0 includes an optimization tool that allows optimizing a design parameter based on a target specification.
  • LAD wizards
    LAD v4.0 includes a design wizard that allows creating designs and running simulations through a windows based step-by-step approach. This feature enables the user to quickly check the most common designs by answering a few basic questions.

Pic. 1: LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0

Useful add-ons in LAD v4.0

  • Concentration conversion table
    LAD v4.0 includes a concentration conversion table which allows calculating the dopant concentration in various formats, such as mol%, weight% or ppm.
  • LIEKKI™ EasySplice integration
    LAD v4.0 launches LIEKKI™ EasySplice, an Excel based application that provides splicing settings for LIEKKI™ fibers.
  • Mode field and cutoff calculation
    LAD v4.0 allows calculating the mode field and cutoff wavelength for fiber guided modes. This offers essential information for fine tuning the amplifiers and lasers.

For a demo version of the new capabilities of LAD v4.0, please click here.

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