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NLIGHT Introduces Summit™ QCW Diode Laser Product Portfolio


Vancouver, WA  June 26, 2007 – nLIGHT announced today the release of the Summit™ QCW Diode Laser Product Portfolio through an exclusive partnership with Quantel Laser Diodes (formerly Thales Laser Diodes) in North America. With an initial release of products with wavelengths ranging from 785 to 980 nm and peak power up to 200 W per bar, the Summit™ QCW products are ideal for a variety of military, aerospace, and industrial applications. These packages are available with wall-plug efficiency greater than 60% at 25 °C and 50% from -40 °C to +75 °C and with reliability in excess of 5 billion shots.


"Quantel Laser Diodes has been providing high-performance and highly reliable indium-free QCW conductively cooled packaging for over a decade," commented Jake Bell, nLight Defense Group Vice President. "The combination of QLD packaging technology and nLIGHT's broad range of high-power and high-efficiency semiconductor lasers makes a very compelling solution for military, aerospace, and industrial customers."


About Quantel Laser Diodes    
QLD, formerly Thales Laser Diodes, is a space qualified industry leader in high performance, highly reliable QCW laser diode arrays with over 15 years of expertise in hard-soldered packages for rugged military and aerospace applications.

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