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LIEKKI Announces LIEKKI™ Application Designer v3.3 and Extended LIEKKI™ 20/125 Product Family at CLEO 2007


Lohja, Finland  April 16, 2007 – LIEKKI Corporation, a leading supplier of highly doped fibers and optical engine modules for fiber laser and amplifier applications today announced the launch of their LIEKKI™ Application Designer v3.3 as well as their extended LIEKKI™ 20/125 product family.

LIEKKI™ Application Designer v3.3 
LIEKKI™ Application Designer (LAD) is a versatile design tool for high power applications providing a strong platform for simulating and optimizing fiber amplifiers, amplify spontaneous emission (ASE) sources, and fiber laser systems. 

The design software is based on precise algorithms that account for all the reflections in the system – especially crucial for accurate laser and ASE light source simulations. The software also accurately simulates large mode area and highly doped fibers. Optimized algorithms and careful design allow to build LAD on a Microsoft Windows platform without the need of powerful multiprocessor workstations. This approach ensures large accessibility and reduces costs for the end users. LAD has a user-friendly interface and can be used for both CW and pulsed applications. 

New features of the LIEKKI™ Application Designer v3.3 include an enhanced Monte Carlo analysis, which allows to set simultaneously the tolerances for both wavelength and amplitude values of a spectrum; an improved calculation algorithm that reduces the calculation time; the ability to control modes independently when simulating an active fiber in multimode regime; and an enhanced user interface and documentation. The LIEKKI™ Application Designer allows fast and accurate simulations for performance evaluation for fiber based lasers, amplifiers, and ASE sources.


Pic. 1: LIEKKI™ Application Designer v3.3


LIEKKI™ 20/125 product family 
LIEKKI offers a broad line of products for fiber lasers and amplifiers supporting a 20 micron core and 125 micron cladding geometry. The highly doped ytterbium fiber with its extremely high pump absorption, high power conversion efficiency, polarization preservation and large mode area provides excellent amplification of pulses with durations ranging from nanoseconds to femtoseconds. High-power pulses are typically used in material processing and micromachining. The fiber is available as polarization maintaining and non-polarization maintaining fiber. 

The LIEKKI™ Yb1200-20/125DC-PM fiber features a unique combination of a highly doped, 20 µm diameter core, a large core-to-cladding ratio, and an efficient round cladding shape. These features result in a cladding pump absorption of 6.8 dB/m at 920 nm rising to as much as 29 dB/m for absorption near the peak at around 976 nm, enabling use of very short active fiber lengths. Applications using this fiber benefit from high extractable energy and excellent beam quality. The use of standard 125 µm cladding diameter is another advantage, broadening the fiber’s usability, for example, with standard telecom fiber stripping, splicing, and connectorization equipment.

The active fibers are supported by passive relay and delivery fibers, pump and signal combiners and fiber Bragg gratings, manufactured with our passive fibers. These complementary products are mode matched to the active fibers to minimize splicing and coupling losses.


Pic. 2: LIEKKI™ Yb1200-20/125DC-PM fiber 


Pic. 3: Typical power conversion efficiency of LIEKKI™ Yb1200-20/125DC-PM fiber 

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