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Announcement of New Features for LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0 at LASER. World of Photonics 2007


Lohja, Finland  May 30, 2007 – We are pleased to announce the new set of features for our LIEKKI™ Application Designer (LAD) v4.0. LAD is a versatile design tool for high power applications providing a strong platform for simulating and optimizing fiber amplifiers, amplify spontaneous emission (ASE) sources, and fiber laser systems. The design software is based on precise algorithms that account for all the reflections in the system – especially crucial for accurate laser and ASE light source simulations. The software also accurately simulates large mode area and highly doped fibers.

LAD v4.0, which will be launched in October 2007, is an upgrade for our current design software LAD v3.3 and offers a series of new features and add-ons:

New LAD v4.0 features

  • LAD wizards
    LAD v4.0 will include wizards that allow to create designs and to run simulations through a windows based step-by-step approach. This feature will enable the user to quickly check the most common designs by answering some basic questions. LAD wizards will be available for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), ytterbium-doped fiber amplifiers (YDFA), ytterbium-doped fiber lasers (YDFL) and ASE sources. More wizards can be added on request.
  • Optimization tool
    LAD v4.0 will allow to optimize a design parameter for a specified target. For instance, to obtain the optimum fiber length for a given gain
  • Multimode analysis of coiled fibers
    LAD v4.0 will include a multimode analysis of coiled fibers that allows to calculate the propagation effects of higher order modes in coiled fibers. This enables the evaluation of optimum bending radius for certain higher order mode discrimination and beam quality.
  • Variable step size in transient analysis 
    LAD v4.0 will allow to simulate low repetition pulsed lasers by setting a short time step to describe the pulse and long time step for the period between the pulses.

Useful add-ons in LAD v4.0

  • Concentration conversion table
    LAD v4.0 will include a concentration conversion table which allows to see the dopant concentration in various formats, such as mol weight or ppm.
  • Splice loss estimations 
    LAD v4.0 will evaluate the connection loss between fibers based on the fiber characteristics. In addition, information from the LIEKKI™ EasySplice software (splicer recipes) will be included.
  • Mode field and cutoff calculation 
    LAD v4.0 will allow to calculate the mode field and cutoff wavelength. This will offer full fiber design capability.



Pic. 1: LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0

As soon as the LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0 has been launched, a free 28 days evaluation license will be available for download on our website. The design software is available through our sales support and our agents and distributors.

We will be showcasing the LIEKKI™ Application Designer v4.0 and our full line of passive and active fibers as well as optical engine modules at the upcoming LASER. World of Photonics 2007, June 18th to June 21st, at the LIEKKI booth number B2.460.

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