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NLIGHT Releases High-Brightness NIR Single Emitter Diode Laser


7 Watt, 200 micron, 808 nm single emitter diode laser to be featured 
at Photonics West booth #2033, January 24-26, 2006, 
in San Jose, CA


Vancouver, WA  January 24, 2006 – nLIGHT, the leading manufacturer of high-brightness, high-power semiconductor lasers, has released a near-infrared (NIR) diode laser that emits 7 W continuous wave (CW) power at 808 nm from a single, 200 micron broad area emitter utilizing its proprietary BrightLife™ semiconductor laser technology. Available in c-Mount or high heat load (HHL) package, this easy-to-integrate, high-brightness, 808 nm, multimode diode laser is an ideal pump source for solid-state lasers used for medical and industrial applications.

“We are continuously providing customers with products that feature high-power and high-brightness combined with long life operation and versatile package configurations,” said Joe DeBartolo, nLIGHT VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our 808 nm single emitter provides state-of-the-art brightness at the 808 nm wavelength and it can be configured on industry-standard c-Mounts and HHL packages as well as custom sub-mounts, making it an ideal device for a wide variety of applications.”

nLIGHT’s 808 nm single emitter diode laser is rated at 7 W, CW with an MTTF in excess of 80,000 hours at room temperature. The device has an operating current of 6.5 A and compliance voltage of 1.90 V. Beam divergence is <36 degrees by <10 degrees, FWHM. As an added feature, nLIGHT can collimate the fast-axis to <1 degree, FWHM.

All of nLIGHT’s high-power single emitter diode lasers are based on their BrightLife™ semiconductor laser technology resulting in high power, highly reliable long lifetime products.


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