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LIEKKI Introduces Non-Circular Optical Fiber for High-Power Delivery


Lohja, Finland  September 8, 2006 – LIEKKI, the leading supplier of highly doped optical fibers, has developed the capability to provide non-circular optical fibers for applications requiring high power delivery. 

LIEKKI expands its broad, optical fiber line with the availability of square and rectangular optical fibers. Different combinations, for example rectangular core-round cladding or rectangular core-rectangular cladding are available. The fibers offered today are passive but they will be available as active fibers with ytterbium or erbium doping in the future. “We have been approached by several clients looking for a different geometric solution for high power delivery. Conventional fiber processes are limited by their deposition and glass works to circular optical fibers. LIEKKI’s Direct Nanoparticle Deposition (DND) technology and a unique glass works process overcome these conventional barriers to provide noncircular shapes.” says Mr. Mikko Söderlund, Product Manager of LIEKKI's fiber products.

“Square or rectangular geometries can be beneficial for improved matching to optical sources, improved beam control and propagation and for routing of fibers in unique footprints. It appears that the applications for these fibers are quite broad, ranging from illumination and signs to ordinance detonation”, continues Mr. Söderlund.


Pic. 1: Example of flexible preform manufacturing

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